Step By Step Knot Hairstyle

This look can be created by tying an elegant knot that I’ll show you in detail.Blow dry or straighten the hair in order to get a smooth look.Then make two partitions in hair and tie one in a low pony tail.Now tie the hair into a beautiful knot.And for final touch,use any hair spray of  good quality for smooth and perfect look all day.

Spiky Bun Twist

Spiky Bun Twist

The funky hairstyle works best on medium length hair.It is a great look for clubbing and parties and is actually alot easier to do than it appears.Make sure,through ,that this style complements the shape of your head and face.

You Need

  • Comb
  • Strong hold hairspray
  • Matt hair grips
  1. Gently backcomb the hair and spritz it all over with a strong hold hairspray.
  2. Take random sections of hair,about 4 sq cm in size,and twist them tightly from the base to the ends.Keep twisting each section until it coils back against the scalp forming a top-knot.
  3. Using matt hair grips securely against the head,allowing the ends to work themselves loose to create a spiky effect.It’s a good idea to cross the grips as this will give maximum support and hold.
  4. Continue in this way until the whole head is covered with top knots.
  5. Gently tease and splay out the ends of the hair to create a spiky effect

Funky Braided Concert Hailrstyles For Young Women

Concert at your college, and you can’t think of a good hairstyle to rock the night?
Every girl get to face this kind of situation once in her lifetime and this situation is not so easy to handle as you don’t want to loose your impression in front of your friends.Normally bohemian braided hairstyles are preferred by young women.Here we have a very good example of an amazing funky hairstyle for concerts.

Wow Hairstyles For Trendy School Girls

Get these cool and crazy Wow Hairstyles For Trendy School Girls this year.

The annoying moment when you wake up for school every day,with half closed eyes tie up your hair and then find a strand of hair left outside.To avoid such things and to have a good hair day is each girl’s desire.So here we have the best and wonderful top thirty-three hairstyles that will look funky on you.

A school girl can not leave her hair open,as in most of the schools, girls get punished on leaving their hair open.So you can either tie them up in form of braid,add a frizzy texture to your hair and make a hair bun.The shape of your face and your overall personality will help you decide thee hairstyle to carry.

Step By Step Elegant Hair Style For Party

For women before going to a party or any event the most difficult task is to decide their hairstyle.If your dress and everything is good but the hairstyle does not go with it,then you need to put extra effort and learn some decent and trendy hairstyles.Follow the easy tutorial and learn party hairstyles in easy steps.